Wrapping & Strapping


Wrapping Equipment

Some applications call for the finished product to be completely sealed in plastic wrap when delivered back to the customer. This packaging offers a more secure sanitary environment for linen storage in demanding healthcare environments. Some hospitality applications also require this type of packaging to keep linens dry before use. Either way, it is another value-added service a textile care operator can offer to their customers. This equipment allows you to put the perfect final touch on your laundry production if you need or want to. You can easily wrap all finished linens (stacks of folded sheets from the ironer/folder, stacks of folded towels, uniforms, etc.) in a clear plastic wrap everyone is familiar with in today’s ‘shrink-wrapped’ economy. Some people just get a ‘cleaner’ feeling from stuff that’s wrapped in this way.

Strapping or Banding Equipment

This equipment is similar to wrapping equipment but with only a strap around the bundles of linen instead of a plastic wrap. This process can be used in conjunction with the wrapping machines if required.

Wrapping and strapping are the two predominant types of bundling methods available.

  • Wrapping equipment is most always employed when processing healthcare linens. Many healthcare facilities require certain types of linens be shrink-wrapped before being sent back to use again.
  • Strapping or tying if requested is typically reserved for bundles of hospitality linens being sent back to the hotel after processing.