Water Reuse Systems


Water Energy Green Laundry Systems replace most of the traditional caustic laundry chemicals found in a typical laundry with dissolved ozone. The ozone oxidizes the dirt, oils, bacteria, viruses, odors, etc. without the need for high levels of alkali and chlorine in the wash water. In traditional wash formulas, enough alkali is added to boost the pH up beyond 11. This is extremely caustic. The objective is to have the Hydrogen Ions (pH) so high that (OH) Hydroxyl Radicals can be created with the Oxygen tied up in the water (H²O). These powerful OH molecules are what do the hard work in getting your linens clean. When you have dissolved ozone concentrations above 2ppm, you can create OH Radicals with little or no alkali. The higher the ozone concentration, the less alkali is required. This relationship allows you to do a thorough cleaning job on your linens without creating a pH nightmare in your wash water that you must add acid to before you send it down the drain.

With the elimination of Chlorine, alkali, acid and softeners and with the use of biodegradable chemicals, you can capture the laundry wastewater and with a few, simple treatment steps, reuse most of that water.

Imagine a laundry that uses less than ½ of the total energy required in a traditional laundry and very low net water use. That is what you can have with a Water Energy Green Laundry Solution.

Two choices:

  • Completely reuse the water from the laundry each day
  • Use the laundry wastewater as a source for or supplement to irrigation needs