Barrier Walls


Barrier Walls are permanent structures installed in healthcare laundries that facilitate the separation of the dirty side of the building from the clean side. Healthcare linens coming into a laundry can be ripe with all types of undesirables including pathogenic bacteria. A possibility exists for these pathogenic organisms to become airborne as a result of the production process. To ensure that these organisms do not accidentally contaminate any of the clean linens, strict procedures must be in place to prevent such an occurrence. One of the primary means of preventing this cross-contamination is to effectively separate the incoming, or dirty side of the laundry from to the finishing or clean side. This is achieved by first building a wall between the two zones in the laundry and completely sealing it up. Most of the time pass-thru dryers are installed along this wall to facilitate the passage of clean, dry linens into the clean side of the laundry. A barrier wall must be used in conjunction with other critical components to be effective. Many other safeguards must also be in place and strict adherence to the guidelines is required to successfully isolate any part of a laundry from another.