Scales & Computer Tracking



Textile care operations of all types and sizes need efficient and effective methods of tracking the linens they process. Comprehensive linen management systems available today can do everything from segregating customer linens with computerized bar coding to instant, automatic Internet billing. These systems can be purchased with an array of features for your specific needs. Every one of them requires that the linen be precisely weighed on the way in to a laundry and again on the way out. These weight tickets are corroboration in court if such a need ever arises. With today’s expensive linens and ever-increasing replacement costs, a laundry will process many thousands of dollars worth of a customer’s linens over time. You must be able to account for the linens you have processed if any of them ever come up missing. Hospitals and hotels can lose quite a bit of their linens over time and you don’t want to end up paying for the mistakes of an inept asset control manager. Even if you only wash linens for your property, you will still need to have scales. You need the data to calculate your operating costs per pound of linen.

Computer Tracking

Advanced software is available in a Water Energy Green Laundry System and to the laundry industry that can keep up with a huge array of information about all incoming linens to a laundry facility. In today’s demanding market, textile care providers are adopting many new practices that enhance the value of their services. One of these practices is the ability to track specific information about what types of linens (size and types of towels, sheets, tablecloths, napkins, robes, uniforms, blankets, etc.) are in each cart of incoming linen; track where they came from if that info is provided (8th floor, exercise room, operating room, west wing, etc.) so the items can be clearly and automatically marked when stacked or packaged for return to the client. This feature allows the customer to reposition one or more people needed to sort linens coming back from the laundry – a huge labor savings for the housekeeping department. With this information included by the customer and tracked by one of these systems, your laundry can be returned pre-staged on your laundry carts for distribution in your facility. This computer tracking and bar coding equipment is connected to the scale at the end of the production line and can automatically generate and electronically transmit an invoice to the customer upon completion of their laundry.