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Water Energy Laundry Consulting recommends B&C Technologies Equipment

Water Energy and B&C Technologies have combined forces to create a washer perfectly-suited for the Water Energy Green Laundry System. Each washer is specially manufactured to include options designed to work synergistically with other components of the Green Laundry System.

  • Powerful Microprocessor control – advanced electronics and innovative design have produced a control system that delivers incredible flexibility and adaptivity to your wash wheel.
  • Programmable directly, with a PC or with a pre-programmed Water Energy Green Laundry System memory card loaded with our patented formulas to accommodate all fabric and soil types, water levels, temperatures, when to add the ozone, wastewater segregation, number of cycles and length of cycles, pre-programmed maintenance schedules and a display that is capable of displaying in many different languages – ultimate flexibility.
  • Third water inlet with Viton diaphragm. Washers are built with an incoming water inlet for cold water, an inlet for hot water and an inlet specially manufactured for use with ozone. The diaphragm in this ozone water valve is constructed of Viton rubber which is impervious to the effects of ozone. This rubber was developed for industrial valves used with solvents, gasoline and other liquids that would destroy traditional rubber diaphragms. This 3-valve setup is ideal for our systems because it allows you to have ultimate flexibility in your washer’s ability to meet your production demands.
  • Supply dispenser for adding dry chemicals.
  • 6 connections for automatic chemical injection which allows us to deliver all combinations of chemicals needed for ozone and hot-water washing – again for ultimate flexibility. An ozone chemical regimen only needs a couple of ports and the remaining ports are used to feed traditional chemicals when washing heavily-soiled loads in traditional chemicals.
  • Stainless steel cabinet. All parts in contact with the wash solution are made out of 304 (18/8) stainless steel for extremely long life.
  • Inverter drive – powerful flexibility for a washer/extractor. Prevents electrical surges that may throw a breaker, able to operate on single or 3-phase power, fully programmable wash and extract speeds. Once again, ultimate flexibility.
  • Single motor drive.
  • Superior Freestanding Construction delivers reduced installation costs and increased efficiency. No need for expensive foundation or floor modifications. The Water Energy Green Laundry System B&C washer comes with a suspension system unsurpassed with heavy springs and industrial shock absorbers – lower maintenance costs and a very long life.
  • Large door openings – It is critical to have a door on a washer large enough to facilitate rapid loading and unloading of the washer’s contents. Our oversized doors open fully 180-degrees. The doors are specially fitted with oversized stainless steel hinges for extra strength and durability. The door gasket is designed for long life and seals to the shell every time without leaking. A safe and powerful electro-mechanical door interlocking system assures the utmost in safety and ease of operation.
  • Bearing Housing – Rugged cast iron construction is used in our single, durable bearing housing. The bearing housing increases the washer’s structural integrity and provides for longer bearing and seal life. Water Energy Green Laundry System B&C washers come with Viton Seals on the bearings specially engineered for use with our ozone laundry standard. A revolutionary CARB torroidal SKF bearing is used in these B&C washers. This is the ULTIMATE long-life solution in high-speed washer-extractors. The shaft is made of high tensile strength steel to meet the high-grade engineering standards used for calculating the load tolerances on the bearings and shaft. Two double-lip seals and face seals are used to protect the washer bearings. The seals AND bearings can be manually lubricated which translates into much longer life of your washer. The washers are specially fitted with connections for automatic lubricators. The bearing housings are specially engineered with a large leak-off area. This ensures that water will never damage the main bearings if a seal should ever leak. This translates into long life and low maintenance for your washing equipment investment.
  • Shaft Seals made of Viton rubber – The spindle bearings have Viton seals to safeguard against any possibility of ozone ever ruining a shaft seal and causing an expensive leak.
  • B&C washer/extractors designed for use in our Green Laundry Systems have high-speed extract for removing most of the water in wet linens before they go to the dryers. This feature alone can save enough energy in the dryers to pay for your entire laundry over a few years. After that, it’s all profit to the bottom line.

These robust washers are built with the highest quality parts available with the smartest design. Rugged, all-steel frames, aerospace industry quality bearings, 21st Century design of the chassis intended to provide years of trouble-free service, standard maintenance procedures that have been reduced in scope and time required to complete and the addition of features specifically designed to enhance the efficiency and reduce environmental impact are built into each machine.

B&C washers are built to ruggedized standards. The washer bearings are extra heavy duty and engineered into the washer specifically to be kept free of any water or chemicals from the wash wheel. This means years of additional trouble-free service as compared to competitor’s equipment. The motors are heavy duty and engineered to be easily replaced if ever needed, the same with the valves, belts, and seals. www.bandctech.com