Carts, Washers & Dumpers


Cart Dumper

A Cart Dumper automatically dumps incoming soiled linen carts directly onto a sorting conveyor or other production device. These pieces of equipment are a must for larger facilities for a number of reasons. Some of the benefits of this type of production equipment include:

  • Accelerate workflow.
  • Reduce potential back and other injuries from dumping heavy, soiled linens.
  • Reduce potential pathogen exposure to workers by eliminating need to pull soiled linens from the laundry carts.

Cart Washers

A Cart Washer is a machine that will clean and sanitize laundry carts automatically. One of the critical functions of any healthcare linen facility is to ensure that clean linens are not contaminated before they are returned to the customer. One possible source of contamination is from stacking clean linens in dirty laundry carts. Most dirty linens are delivered to a laundry facility in laundry carts that can become dirty and contaminated from the soiled linens. These same carts are then used to return the clean linens to the customer. The carts MUST be cleaned and sanitized before stacking the clean linens in them. A Cart Washer does this dirty and tedious job automatically. There are a number of companies producing a wide variety of cart and trolley washing machines to fit your specific needs.

Laundry Carts

Laundry Carts are used for collecting, transporting, processing and storing linens in many places along the laundry production line. Laundry Carts are another important component of a Water Energy Green Laundry System and should be carefully chosen with several factors in mind:

  • Choose a poly or fiberglass laundry cart if at all possible. These carts are durable and do not have metal components that can rust over time and expose your linens to unnecessary stain potential. If your regimen can do without metal carts, then by all means, don’t buy them.
  • Choose carts that are precisely the right height to work with your washers and dryers. You don’t want a cart that is too tall for a washer that tilts to dump its load of linen or too tall to match the door opening on the dryer; or too short to allow workers to comfortably transfer the linens to and from the carts. This tiny detail if overlooked can cause you untold delays in your production flow.
  • Choose carts that will fit nicely into your clean linen storage area and hold the amount of clean linens you want to keep on-hand in storage. Overlooking this detail and purchasing incorrectly sized or shaped carts may prevent you from putting as many carts in your storage area as you would be able to if you purchased just the right ones.