Steam Tunnels


Steam Tunnels are truly jewels in their own right. They are simple, effective and best of all, they generate profit. They are just what they appear to be, a tunnel filled with steam. The purpose of such a device is to give garments made of a mixture of poly and cotton fibers a ‘pressed’ look without actually having to press them.

A steam tunnel can be operated by a single person and can process hundreds of garments as compared to a hot-head press or other type of finishing equipment that only processes one or two pieces at a time. If you have hundreds of garments that need to be pressed, you can cut a corner and use this assembly-line process to deliver garments that look like they have been meticulously pressed by hand while at the cleaners. When in actuality, the garments are hung on a conveyor belt that takes them through a steam-filled tunnel heated to the proper temperature to bring about relaxation of the fibers within the garment and eliminate any wrinkles. When the garment comes out the other end, it looks like it was pressed and in only a tiny fraction of the time it would normally take if done individually by hand.

You can increase your revenue when processing doctor’s uniforms and other similar items that the customer will pay a premium for having pressed. A steam tunnel doesn’t take a lot of steam and can be operated with its own small steam boiler or it can be connected to an existing boiler in your laundry. Be smart and get more profit from all your hard work by adding this simple process to your finishing operations.