Lint Filters


Lint filters are a very important part of your laundry design. These large devices connect to the exhaust of each dryer and augment the dryer’s internal lint filters to greatly reduce the amount of airborne particles being discharged from your laundry facility.

  • The Board of Air Quality Management now requires that lint filters be installed in all commercial laundry facilities. These filters will prevent the production of airborne lint particles at your facility. You certainly don’t want to have ‘Summer Snow’ (lint) in your parking lot sticking to guest’s cars. You certainly don’t want to have the lint drawn back in to your facility via the HVAC system to be deposited on pictures, drapes and furniture.
  • These devices come in a wide range of sizes and in varying levels of quality. We only install the best rated equipment on the market with features designed to deliver the highest efficiency and highest level of safety available.
  • Lint filter size requirements are determined by the amount of air in cubic feet per minute (CFM) discharged by all dryers to be connected to the filter system. Filters should always be oversized for the total volume of airflow your dryers generate. This assures an additional margin of safety for your laundry.
  • Lint fires are common and dangerous. All lint filtering systems we install are equipped with a fire suppression system designed to continuously monitor the system and spray water inside the filter assembly if a fire is ever detected. This safety feature is inexpensive and also invaluable. Just another reason to let Water Energy Laundry Consulting design your entire laundry facility.