Laundry Lighting


The lighting industry has made huge strides in lighting technology over the last decade. New high-efficiency lighting products have been developed to deliver more light in a wide variety of colors using less energy. Old incandescent light bulbs produced about 35 foot-candles of light per watt. Old florescent tubes produced many more foot-candles per watt of energy and lasted much longer but produced light with very poor color. Today’s fluorescent lamps produce more light with greater color quality using less energy. These new high-efficiency lamps also have a much greater life span.

It is imperative to have the proper lighting for your laundry facility. In marketing, perception is reality and you want your customers to perceive your laundry as clean and efficient. A bright, white facility will certainly give this impression. A laundry can be green and white at the same time. A good laundry design includes bright white floors, walls and ceilings and bright white lighting. This combination gives a clean, sterile appearance, facilitates complete cleaning and increases worker productivity. Having enough light is critical to increasing worker productivity. Light fixtures with high-efficiency T-8 fluorescent bulbs will give you all the light you need and use a lot less energy too.

The cost of electricity is at an all time high and will most likely get even more expensive as time passes. With the use of motion sensors and other innovative energy conservation tools, electric demand can be reduced by shutting down lighting when not needed. Outside security lighting can be activated by motion sensors for increased energy savings. A continuous light doesn’t attract attention however lighting going off and on always gets noticed and can cost much less to operate.