Success with Ozone Laundry


The secret to success with an ozone laundry system is being able to deliver a high level of dissolved ozone to the wash wheel. Water Energy Ozone Laundry Systems deliver concentrations of 1.5 to 3ppm and higher to your washers. At this level, ‘active’ ozone is present in your washers where you need it to clean your linens. This is unquestionably the secret to success. Many companies proclaim to have an effective ozone laundry system but their equipment most likely will NEVER be able to achieve even a detectable amount of dissolved ozone in your washers. Most systems dissolve only enough ozone into the water to have a softening effect on the water before it gets to your washers. This effect provides a boost to detergent effectiveness. Chlorine, present in all tap water, instantly neutralizes most of the ozone these other companies are able to get dissolved into the water. A simple dissolved ozone test kit and a small amount of water taken from the washer will expose the impotence of just about every other ozone laundry system in the World! Don’t be fooled or otherwise misled. Insist on the very best for your laundry – Water Energy Ozone Laundry Systems.

The backbone of our amazing TecH2Ozone technology is the method by which ozone is dissolved into the water. Ozone is a gas and does not have the efficacy of a liquid. You can’t wash linens too well with a gas. You must first get this gas into solution by dissolving it. The bubbles in your soda come from dissolved Carbon Dioxide (CO²) gas. Most materials including Ozone can be dissolved by a solvent and water is the Universal Solvent. Once ozone is dissolved into solution, its efficacy is increased a million-fold. There are all types of jobs that water with dissolved ozone can be applied to very effectively – if you know how to dissolve ozone into water, how to keep it dissolved and how to deliver it to a process while it is still dissolved.

Ozone is extremely unstable and short-lived. You cannot store it and it must be manufactured on-site and used in a matter of minutes. The half-life of ozone is less than 20 minutes. Once it is created, you’ve got to get it to where you need it right away. Also, you must keep it dissolved in solution or it simply off-gases (comes out of solution) and returns to the environment instead of making it to where it is needed. Ozone’s instability means that many factors serve to shorten its life and reduce its effectiveness. Heat is at the top of the list of things that shorten the life of ozone therefore you must use ozone in cold water. Ozone’s effectiveness is directly related to the water temperature. The higher the temperature, the less effective ozone becomes. This absolute physical law demands that you eliminate all hot water when used in the same fill with ozone.

Our goal is to save energy. It takes energy to make ozone. In accordance with our Green objective, we have the highest efficiency mass transfer (in this context that means conversion from gas to liquid) possible. The objective is to save as much energy as possible processing your linens and that is achieved by utilizing all of the ozone you make. Our TecH2Ozone water treatment technology exceeds 98% efficiency mass transfer with ozone and water. This patented process manages hundreds of variables to achieve this extraordinary result. Ozone is unstable and hard to work with. A thorough understanding of all the physics involved is absolutely critical to building a system that works!

Water Energy Ozone Laundry Systems are the backbone of our Green Laundry Designs. These rugged and dependable systems were originally designed by a top NASA engineering company for use in Space Shuttle operations. That speaks well of their effectiveness and dependability. 20 years of product innovation and evolution built on that formidable beginning has created a new standard for the laundry industry. A foundation from which to build a laundry that will be a model of 21st Century dependability, sustainability and profitability.