Water Reuse


Why in the World would you want to send water down the drain, especially if you have only used it once? It took a tremendous investment in infrastructure and manpower and a lot of work by Mother Nature to get it to you in the first place. Make use of it while you have it.

A commercial laundry with a Water Energy Ozone Laundry System will have high quality effluent because the majority of polluting chemicals have been removed from the process. The absence of or extreme reduction in the use of these chemicals will allow you to inexpensively reuse the vast majority of water you would normally send down the drain.

With our experience in and understanding of wastewater remediation, we decided to create a water recycling system to work in consort with our patented ozone laundry systems. We knew from experience that the ozone would truly scour the water of contaminants and by using ozone instead of the traditional chemical soup in your laundry, you would have already eliminated one of the major road blocks to affordably recycling your laundry water. With the proper filtration methods used in conjunction with ozone, we can inexpensively recycle most of the water you would normally send down the drain after only a single use.

A Water Energy Green Laundry System calls for a dual drain trench and 2 drains on each washer. Put one drain from each washer into each trench. The cold water with ozone and no chemicals goes into one trench where a water level switch operates a pump that sends this water into the water reclamation system. The other drain goes into the other trench so when you have a hot water wash with the chemicals needed to clean whatever type of soil loading you are working with, you can program the washer to send that water to the trench connected to the sewer drain. In a heavy-soil load, you might only have one of two fills that require hot water. The other fills in the program will be cold and/or ozone fills and you can still capture and reuse all of that water.

It is easy to convert to a Water Energy Green Laundry System in an existing laundry. We can install and test the system and convert your operations over to Green Laundry operations without any interruption to your normal schedule. Installation usually takes a couple of weeks of site preparation including shipping equipment to the location, having the proper electrical service disconnects and plumbing tap installed, customizing a drain box for use as the second trench and then about 2 days to install and test it. We’ve done this in laundries with incredibly limited space too. All of this can be done without any down time for your facility. All laundries are down for a few hours a day. The final connections and programming can be done in off-hours and be tested and complete by the start of work the next day. We will fully train your staff on the new Green Laundry System once it is up and running. The changes to operations are very simple for the housekeeping personnel. The big difference will be the accelerated workflow and that will take a few days for everyone to get used to.

It is very sensible to reuse the water over and over in your laundry. Our treatment systems produce water that’s as good as tap water. Ozone is very powerful and our systems produce enough dissolved ozone to thoroughly sterilize and polish your laundry water each time it is used. Move your laundry operations into the 21st Century; get a Water Energy Green Laundry System today! With our understanding of the total laundry environment, we can integrate this equipment seamlessly into your textile care operations and make it perform for you.