Ozone Laundry FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I wash with cold, ozonated water and still sterilize my laundry?

A. Ozone works 3,000 times faster at destroying bacteria than chlorine bleach. Also, commercial laundry facilities report their sheets and linens feel like new when washed in ozonated water.

Q. How long does it take for ozone to kill bacteria?

A. While ozone kills bacteria on contact, the speed at which ozone neutralizes bacteria is dependent upon the type of bacteria, virus, cyst or other microbiological contaminant present, dissolved ozone concentrations and the organic load in the water. All Water Energy systems are engineered to provide dissolved ozone concentrations in a range of 1.5 to 3.0ppm to the wash wheel. This high level of dissolved ozone is clearly in excess of the minimums required to inactivate all microbiological activity. The required contact times with high levels of dissolved ozone are reduced to fractions of a second for most organisms as specified by EPA regulations for the certification of drinking water.

Q. Would dissolved ozone levels higher than 1.0 ppm damage my linens, e.g. cause color fading?

A. Because Water Energy Ozone Laundry Systems dissolve ozone into the water apart from the washing machines (rather than simply bubbling it into the washer) the risk of damage to linens is virtually eliminated. Dissolved ozone comes into the washers thoroughly mixed in the water preventing any ‘hot spots’ of concentrated ozone. Tests have shown that whites and colors can safely be washed together at 2.5 ppm with no damage. Higher levels of ozone concentration (e.g. above 3.5ppm) are normally reserved for white or stained linen.

Q. What is the difference between bubbling ozone directly into a washer and dissolving ozone into the water apart from the washer?

A. The Water Energy approach dissolves ozone into a soluble solution (water), which provides many advantages over inferior bubble systems on the market. The patented Water Energy system provides more contact effectiveness for the destruction of microbiological life because of high levels of dissolved ozone which in turn delivers more efficient sterilization. The dissolved ozone approach provides more uniform contact between the laundry and the ozone, which reduces the chance of discoloration, as well as producing less off-gassing for a safer environment.

Q. Can I wash light stain in one washer and heavily-stained linen in the next washer at the same time?

A. Yes. Water Energy provides assistance with a customer’s chemical formula configuration upon installation of our equipment to maximize the effectiveness of washing with ozone. As described in the ‘Eliminate Hot Water’ section, custom wash programs are created to integrate all available methods of textile care into each machine.

Q. Why do I need dissolved ozone levels greater than 1.0 ppm?

A. It has been demonstrated that ozone concentrations between 1.5 ppm and 2.5 ppm work best for cleaning the widest variety of linens and soil types. These levels are consistently delivered by Water Energy Ozone Laundry Systems, which dissolve the ozone directly into the water, unlike competitive systems which employ the more primitive ozone bubbler.

Q. How long does it take for the Ozone Laundry System to produce ozonated water?

A. The Water Energy system will generally be ready to supply ozonated water within 5 minutes from start up. After initial start up, ozonated water is available continuously on demand. Water Energy Ozone Laundry Systems preferred installation includes a programmable timer that automatically starts the system before the first shift of the day and turns it off after the end of the day. This feature prolongs the life of your equipment and makes sure everything is ready for production to begin each day.

Q. What is the best operating environment for the Water Energy Ozone Laundry System?

A. The best environment is a cool, well-ventilated area between 50°F and 80°F. These conditions provide the most efficient operating atmosphere for the system. The Water Energy Ozone Laundry System can and should be placed, preferably in an air conditioned room adjacent to the laundry to limit the amount of lint, humidity and heat the unit is exposed to.

Q. Will using a Water Energy Ozone Laundry System put my employees in any danger of exposure to unhealthy levels of ozone gas?

A. Federal Government regulations regarding the possibility of worker exposure to ozone gas in the workplace cease to recognize ozone as a consideration once it is dissolved into water. Water Energy Ozone Laundry Systems only provide dissolved ozone in solution to washers in the wash room. Our patented approach completely eliminates the possibility of exposing employees to ozone gas because our systems are completely sealed and pressurized and no gaseous ozone is ever released. Archaic bubbling methods can expose workers to unhealthy levels of ozone gas is why they are NOT RECOMMENDED.