Green Laundry Technology


Technology exists today that when used properly will allow you to substantially reduce the enormous water, energy and chemical consumption in traditional laundry operations and still meet strict quality control standards. There are many ways to make your laundry operations greener and a green laundry can come in many shades of green too. It’s not all about one piece of equipment and one set of rules; it’s about a complete frame of mind that incorporates green initiatives wherever possible and practical. This green philosophy encompasses the entire Laundry Consulting laundry-building process. From the initial conceptual design, every effort is made to incorporate practical green technologies seamlessly into the final product.

The most efficient laundry design will always use fewer resources to complete the task. Proper equipment specifications are paramount to an efficient design and a green agenda. Many laundry equipment manufacturers today offer simple but key features as options for their machines that will facilitate easy integration into a Green Laundry System. Features like extra water inlet valves, multiple drains, powerful microprocessor controls, added insulation, appropriate seals, high-speed extract, reversing cylinders, fire suppression systems, heat recirculation and more when selected and integrated properly will deliver remarkable results.

Ozone systems, water reuse systems, green laundry chemicals, equipment options and operating procedures work synergistically when integrated properly in the laundry room. Our laundry engineers have developed the Green Standard Model (GSM) for the laundry industry. This environmentally friendly design approach will cut your operating costs and reduce your Carbon Footprint while firmly boosting your bottom line.

Water Energy Green Laundry Systems come with washers, dryers and all of the equipment appropriate for your production demands integrated with a highly advanced ozone water treatment and water reuse system for the most clean, green and sterile linens possible.