Turn-Key Laundry Services


Water Energy Laundry Consulting and Design services grew out of a need to help the Textile Care market understand the tremendous cost savings and green benefits realized when you convert to a Water Energy Green Laundry Standard with the advanced ozone laundry and water reuse systems sold by Water Energy. Our objective was to create a Green Laundry solution knowledgebase and to offer complete, turn-key, Green Laundry solutions that span the full gamut of commercial laundry and textile care industry needs.

The idea was to create a company that truly understands the entire laundry process and how all these new technologies should be integrated. We want to relieve some of the anxiety associated with change. People are reluctant to adopt new methods of production if the old ones suited them just fine. Ozone laundry is a relatively new concept that can understandably make someone unfamiliar with it all a little nervous. The industry is replete with stories of spectacular failures. Our goal is to eliminate the all-too-familiar finger-pointing and blame game that has gone with these failures. We can now offer a single-source for complete green laundry solutions including seamless integration of a Water Energy Ozone Laundry Standard with your familiar laundry production methods.

Our list of services has grown to include everything from the initial discovery phase of a project to developing the ongoing preventative maintenance schedules for a fully completed laundry facility and everything in between. Laundry Consulting has quickly evolved into a comprehensive and dynamic offering of turn-key laundry services for the hospitality and healthcare industries. We decided to focus on the development of our ozone laundry systems in 1996, we incorporated in 1997 and our laundry consulting services began in April, 2003.

Our success can be attributed to the number of highly qualified individuals who have signed-on to work with us, their far-reaching industry connections and our ability to identify and utilize qualified local providers of necessary components for a job. It makes good business sense and is also environmentally responsible to utilize capable, local resources available for a job. These local professionals are familiar with the market and know which plumbers and electricians and other technicians should be used on the job. Our team of laundry engineers and green design specialists combined with our knowledge of the market and the ability to purchase equipment directly from many of the major manufacturers gives us a unique ability to provide turn-key services to the textile care industry. We can sell any needed laundry equipment directly to the customer or we can use local vendors where available. It almost always makes sense to utilize the local provider because they are proud to get the business, they can most readily provide ongoing maintenance services when needed by the customer and they can strengthen their customer base with a modern, green laundry installation. We want everyone to be happy because that provides the most value to the customer.

The value of Laundry Consulting services is based on our understanding of the textile care industry and its players. Our laundry engineers have experience that spans the entire range of activities involved in textile care because they began with entry-level jobs just like everyone else. They worked their way up from humble beginnings to be the experts they are today. This full-spectrum knowledge of the laundry industry allows us to understand the myriad of details involved with running just about every type and size of laundry operation out there. With this comprehensive knowledge, we can create a laundry design with very detailed plans including explicit instructions on which equipment you need, how to install it, how to program it and how to operate it with the highest efficiency possible. Laundry Consulting knows the laundry industry and we understand what direction it needs to go in to stay competitive, profitable and environmentally responsible at the same time. Laundry Consulting and Design can be a valuable part of your solution team.

Today’s laundry industry has put out a Call for Change. Laundry Consulting has answered that call. With luxury beds and bathrooms requiring high-cotton-content textiles processed to the highest level of quality, along with luxury spas and fine restaurants demanding a high volume of expertly finished products all with emphasis placed on environmental impact, laundry service managers must revolutionize their standards and practices. Some of the changes should include:

  • Comprehensive training
  • Develop textile testing and inspection protocols
  • Implement and supervise improved quality assurance programs
  • Develop standards and best practices for processing luxury products
  • Improve inventory management systems
  • Upgrade wash processes with Best Available Technologies (BAT) and Green Initiatives
  • Laundry plant expansion
  • Install a flatwork finishing system with an operating width of at least 130 inches

Laundry Consulting can help you in each of these areas with expertise spanning the laundry industry.