Our Experience


Comprehensive Water Treatment Expertise

Water Energy is focused on the application of green technologies for water and wastewater treatment in a wide range of applications for a wide range of industries. Our objective is to incorporate biological and ozone-based remediation practices into new systems designed to replace more traditional wastewater treatment methods that employ the use of environmentally unfriendly chemicals including the halogens Chlorine and Bromine and many other persistent environmental contaminants. These chemicals are used to sanitize wastewater without removing the organic and inorganic load of pollutants streaming from process and manufacturing activities. Our environmentally friendly procedures actually remove the pollutant load from the wastewater stream and use ozone to sanitize the water before returning it to the environment. Biological remediation uses friendly green bacteria found all around us in Nature to digest the pollutants in wastewater. The secret is knowing which bacteria works best on each type of pollutant and how to facilitate the best possible efficiency for the bacteria in consuming all of the waste. There are a number of factors that must be addressed. Our proprietary formulas for aeration, timing, staging, mixing, pumping, settling, screening and inactivating are all critical in obtaining exceptional results.

Our scientists developed an extremely efficient Mass Transfer technology for dissolving gaseous ozone into water while working on a project for NASA at the parachute repacking operations for the Shuttle’s SRB’s approaching 20 years ago. This new and unique technology was identified as having an almost infinite number of applications for dissolved ozone. We have chosen to focus on several primary areas for development including commercial laundry and food safety.

Successes with this advanced ozone technology include a NASA spacecraft cleaning facility that was able to eliminate environmentally unfriendly wastewater discharges to the sensitive ecological zone around Kennedy Space Center; developing a patented, closed-loop, zero-discharge black water system called DragonFly; converting a paper mill to an environmentally friendly bleaching processes; cleaning up water used in textile, semiconductor and other manufacturing processes; creating ultra-pure water for medical and semiconductor applications; creating an ozone-based cooling tower maintenance regimen for green cooling towers; perfecting agricultural wastewater recycling in large hog and dairy farms; pioneering dental fixture water sanitation systems; improving potable water quality with the removal of H²S, Arsenic, Chromium and many other waterborne contaminants commonly found in surface and ground water sources throughout the World.

Our team is composed of people with a lifetime of experience in the field of developing advanced, application specific systems for a multitude of Aerospace, Military, Municipal and Civilian projects spanning a wide range of economic sectors. Together, our members have spent the better part of 20 years designing and developing cutting-edge systems for real-world applications including the most advanced and dependable ozone laundry and water reuse systems available on the market. This combined experience is invaluable when it comes to making things work like you want them to.