Southern Textile Services


Southern Textile Services laundry was a turn-key project of Water Energy Laundry Consulting completed in 2006. This cutting-edge healthcare linen facility has the Best Available Technology (BAT) for a healthcare linen facility including a barrier wall, pass-thru dryers and other infection control protocols in place.

STS Healthcare was only the 4th laundry in the entire country certified by HLAC at the time of certification.

The STS laundry was built with a focus on B&C Technologies laundry equipment. As a result, STS Healthcare can process 30,000 pounds of healthcare linens every 16 hours and on a very busy day, can produce 37,500 pounds in 20 hours.

Laundry equipment used in the construction of this laundry:

  • Phoenix laundry scale with ‘Linen Master’ software
  • Speed-Check Cart Dumper and Sorting Conveyor
  • 5 – SI275 B&C Softmount Industrial 275-pound forward and reverse tilting washers
  • 3 – SI135 B&C Softmount Industrial 135-pound washers
  • 4 – DI325 B&C industrial 325-pound dryers
  • Hamilton hot water system with a 2,000 gallon storage tank
  • 2 – 2.4 million BTU hot water heaters for washers
  • 100 HP Hurst Boiler for ironer and other steam-driven finishing equipment
  • 15 HP Kaeser Air Compressor
  • 1 – B&C 2-Roll, 48-inch diameter Steam Ironer
  • Lavatec Feeder
  • Lavatec Folder
  • 2 – Lavatec Towel Folders
  • Colmac Steam Tunnel
  • Speed-Check Take-Away Conveyor
  • 1 – Chicago ‘mini’ Blanket Folder
  • Trolley-Wash Cart Washer
  • Rotonics (RMI) Laundry Carts

Photos / Downloads

Southern Textile Services Laundry Layout Design (504.8 KiB)