Our Team


Our team of laundry consulting engineers and design specialists is a group of truly exceptional members with a treasure trove of laundry expertise that spans the full gamut of laundry operations. Our team possesses a wealth of information unmatched in the industry and it is all available to you. These guys know all the players in the laundry industry and they know where to go to get whatever you need. Laundry Consulting can assemble a first-rate team to put your entire laundry together utilizing local talent where available or we can bring in our team of specialists to complete your project ourselves. Our objective is to get you what you want in a timely and affordable manner. We can work in consort with qualified local vendors to guide the construction of your new laundry facility according to our Green Laundry Design specifications.

Laundry Consulting does draw upon local talent where available and requested but our true value as a company is our group of original founders. This seasoned group of professionals has more experience than we can fully detail here. Some of the major components of their qualifications are listed below.

Our staff of career laundry professionals work with many areas of laundry consulting.


One of our members began his laundry career with one of the largest chemical suppliers in the country and quickly became one of their top salesmen. He routinely worked with orders that called for train-loads of chemicals to be shipped to customers. He moved into laundry plant operation efficiency analysis and then on to laundry equipment sales and service. He was the #1 Pellerin Milnor salesman for a couple of years was honored at one of their recent awards banquets. He has designed and built some of the World’s largest laundry plant operations and worked for the one of the largest laundry and janitorial suppliers in the Country. He is a Veteran and extremely proud of his Country. He has retired from his full-time job and is able to focus 100% of his time on laundry consulting and design projects. His expertise is a must for your laundry job if you want to enjoy highly efficient and cost-effective operations throughout the life of your laundry.


One of our members has worked with healthcare linen facilities throughout his career. This experience included working with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Central Office Field Laundry Advisory Group to establish standards and procedures for 113 Veteran’s Administration laundries throughout the United States. He worked continuously for the VA laundry system from 1980 to 2000 and at one time was also in charge of one of the primary VA laundries located in Gulfport, MS for 12 years. He worked for years as production manager in another facility that processed 275,000 pounds of linen per day using 25 washer/extractors with 1,000 pounds capacity each, 12 flatwork irons and a staff of 275 employees. As production manager he had to deal with the full gamut of operational and administrative requirements of running such a large healthcare linen operation. He has years of practical experience with operating a tunnel (CBW) washer and with engineering conveyor and sling systems. He currently owns a large linen service company in Ft. Meyers, Florida and offers complete textile care services to the restaurant and hospitality industry in the Fort Meyers, Captiva Island and Sanibel Island areas. He is a Veteran of the US Armed Forces and very proud of his Country. All of this work equals priceless experience that can be brought to bear on your laundry design requirements.

Workflow Ergonomics and Automation

One of our members has 30 years of comprehensive experience with all aspects of laundry machinery, system and equipment design, project management, and marketing. He is the President of JCI Product Development Group in Gainesville, Florida, which engineers materials handling products to meet the ergonomic challenges of today’s textile processing facilities. He specializes in the evaluation of material flow and the design of systems and solutions that enhance productivity, create accountability, and mitigate liabilities. His current directive is to align his operational consulting efforts with manufactures that offer state of the art “Green Concept” energy and environmental systems that impact today’s best practices in laundry efforts.


One of our members has worked at the very core of laundry equipment design and manufacturing for many years. He began his laundry career at Washex Machinery Corporation in 1973 as Director of Technical Services and Field Startup Engineer. In this capacity he was responsible for coordination of machinery engineering specifications with Architects, Engineers, Allied Trades and Washex Dealers. Additional duties included New Product Development and liaison with Manufacturing Engineering through May of 1982. New products developed during this time included products with Eastman-Kodak, Safety-Kleen Corporation, Industrial Dry Cleaning and Mop Oil Systems, the Washex ACI Pass-Thru Side-Loading Washer/Extractor used later in Healthcare and Clean Room Applications used to support the Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Market. Other products in which he participated in the development of include Textile Hosiery Dye Machines and the early development of Denim/Blue Jeans Markets with Levi, Wrangler/Blue Bell, Legg’s Division of the Hanes Corporation. Industrial clients include Aramark, Cintas, American Linen, Rental Uniform, Prudential Overall, and others. He also later performed similar duties with G.A Braun, Syracuse, New York, and American Laundry Machinery, Cincinnati, Ohio prior to forming his own company, E. David Associates in 1996. E. David Associates provides Operational Surveys and Technical/Management Analysis to a broad range of clients in almost every market requiring textile support services. Throughout his career he has been involved with major trade association activities including NAILM, TRSA, Southwest and Southeast Linen Associations, The Veteran’s Administration, JCAH, US Army and Air Force Logistics and numerous others, volunteering for laundry engineering workshop presentations and public speaking engagements. Mr. David is a graduate of Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Degree with major emphasis in Physics and Chemistry. He served in the US Air Force during the Vietnam era 1966-1970, and currently resides in Sand Springs, Oklahoma near Tulsa.

Comprehensive Laundry Industry Expertise

Our Green Solutions Team is fully qualified and capable of handling any size and type of laundry job in the Hospitality and Healthcare industries and just about any other industry where laundry operations are a critical part of the job. You can trust Laundry Consulting to provide you the very best laundry industry services available in the market. Why not call or write today and see what we can do for you? It will be the best decisions you could make for your laundry!