In ‘The Good Old Days’, most linen you would find in the hospitality industry was pretty much the same and required a relatively simple textile care regimen. In today’s competitive market, hotels are finding that the ‘same old thing’ just isn’t going to cut it any more. Extra wide sheets with very high thread counts and all the trimmings are now the norm. Towels and robes are thicker, beds have more sheets and pillows and the cost for resources is at an all time high. Moreover, the sheer investment in linen to fully stock a modern facility can be staggering.

Today’s Housekeeping Director has a demanding role. One with multiple areas of concern including:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Linen Investment
  • Labor Cost
  • Environmental Responsibility

A laundry facility built to provide the highest customer satisfaction and lowest operating cost with a focus on asset preservation and environmental responsibility is both possible and affordable. Let us show you how.

Laundry Consulting has the right team for you. Our engineers are some of the most personable and knowledgeable laundry professionals you can find in the industry and they are very interested to help you. Each of our team members has been acquainted with each other for 3 decades or more. They live in different parts of the country and are familiar with the local codes, suppliers and markets in their area. The bulk of our engineers have worked in the hospitality linen industry their entire career. Their experience encompasses the full gamut of textile care operations for all sizes and types of hotels including direct involvement with some of the largest laundry plants in the World built in Las Vegas. We have first-hand experience in building a laundry just like the one you need.

Give us a call or write us a note telling us what you are interested to do. We will discuss your objectives, determine a preliminary plan of action and our most-suited consultant for your project will contact you to get the ball rolling.