JOHNSTOWN, Pa., and HOUSTON — Concurrent Technologies Corp. (CTC) and Water Energy Technologies have entered into a partnership for collaboration on a first-of-its-kind green laundry system to benefit large commercial laundry operations, the companies report.

Engineers and scientists have seamlessly integrated two proven technologies into a treatment system that significantly reduces water usage by safely and reliably processing and recycling 90% of greywater generated by laundry operations, according to the companies.

This energy-efficient, scalable and fully automated solution will save water, energy and time, say CTC and Water Energy Technologies. In addition, it will eliminate chemicals and reduce maintenance.

Water Energy’s proprietary ozone treatment technology was originally developed for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Ozone works 3,000 times faster at destroying bacteria than chlorine bleach, according to the company, and commercial laundry facilities report their sheets and linens feel like new when washed in ozonated water.

CTC’s water recycling system was originally developed for the Department of Defense, according to the company. The system relies upon a three-stage, temperature-tolerant filtration sequence. Its uniqueness comes from incorporating separation media not traditionally used in water filtration. In addition, customized control logic optimizes backwash recirculation and increases the overall processing rate. CTC says it was awarded a prestigious Edison Award for this technology.

“Concurrent Technologies Corporation has a long history of partnering with other innovative technology providers, and we’re pleased to be working closely with Water Energy on this important project,” says Jeff Grabarek, CTC senior director, business development. “We look forward to combining the skills and know-how of our two great companies to offer a world-class water system that will help our clients save energy and decrease costs.”

Bob Beddingfield, president of Water Energy Technologies, says, “Water Energy Technologies has worked for more than three decades to bring innovative ideas, advanced technology and professional consulting services to the commercial laundry industry. We are proud to have joined forces with Concurrent Technologies Corp. to provide a superior finished product and create a ‘Green Solutions Team’ focused on providing effective and affordable solutions to save on water, energy and chemical costs.”

Originally published on American Laundry News—September 16, 2016.